Bajaj Blade Review

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Bajaj Auto wants to regain its scooter image in Indian two wheeler market. Earlier Bajaj Auto was known as leading scooter company of India with well fame slagon of "Hamara Bajaj". Now the trade to scooter market is totally changed, at present in the segment the gear less scooter capture the market. Bajaj Auto will launch its gear less scooter Bajaj Blade.

Bajaj Blade

Bajaj Blade will launch soon loaded with 125cc, 4 valve DTS -i engine which generates maximum power of 11.5 bhp. Bajaj will launch its Bajaj Blade to targeted to women riders.

In Indian two wheeler market, gear less scooter with light weight, comfortable ride, good luggage space is first demand by women's and Bajaj Auto try to provide in same demand. Bajaj Auto will launch its Bajaj Blade which available in both kick and electric start options and a comfortable zone with telescopic hydraulic absorbers suspension at front and rear.

For hassle free ride its loaded with disc brake at front and drum brake at rear with large 12" alloy wheels. Bajaj Blade, the stylish gear less scooter particular not only made for women and girls rider but also for young males rider. The expected priced will around Rs. 40,000(ex showroom).
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Bajaj Blade Mileage, Average and Fuel Economy

The all new upcoming Bajaj Blade is expected to come with 125 cc engine displacement which will be loaded with 4 stroke, 4 valve DTS-I engine. The powerful engine is also expected to generate 11.5 bhp power, it might be mated with 4 speed transmission. The engine of the new Bajaj Blade is also expected to deliver impressive mileage of around 45 kmpl in the city roads. The scooter is expected to sports a fuel tank capacity of 14.5 litres.
Bajaj Blade Colors

The exact details of the colours of the new Bajaj Blade is not available till date. Stay tuned with us to know more about the colours and updation.
Acceleration and Pick up of Bajaj Blade

The acceleration and pick up of the scooter is highly dependent on the power and torque of the engine. The upcoming scooter Bajaj Blade is expected to offers impressive power and torque and thus offer zipper acceleration and pick up of the scooter. The maximum speed of the new Bajaj Blade is expected to be around 80 kmph.
Appearance of Bajaj Blade

The stylish and cute looks of the new Bajaj Blade is very impressive and irresistible. The new scooter carries charismatic effect with it and holds the view of the customers and passerby till it disappears. The upcoming scooter Bajaj Blade has very much similar appearance to the other same segment scooter with slight changes to it. The front section of the scooter is very elegant and the two turn indicators embedded in it complements the overall front view of the scooter. The body coloured tyre cap is very nice and merges very well with the look. The side part of the scooter is also painted with the body colour with a grab rail in body match. The rear view mirrors of the new scooter are black in colour and offer clear vision in it. The stylish headlight is very classy and offers clear visibility at night.

The rear section of the new scooter has LED tail lights and turn indicators merged with it. The scooters too have very big and huge storage space. The alloy wheels present in the new bike looks very stylish and elegant.
Comfort Feature of Bajaj Blade

The new Bajaj Blade is expected to be very comfortable in riding for both the rider and the pillion. The scooter makes sure that you have painless riding experience even in the long distance journey with the help of the comfortable wider and longer seats. The huge storage space beneath the seat helps you to store your luggage. The new Bajaj Blade is expected to available in both kick and self start for pleasurable and hassle free ride.
Dimensions of Bajaj Blade

The exact details of the dimensions of the new Bajaj Blade is not available with us. The wheelbase of the new scooter is expected to be 1370 mm and the ground clearance of the bike is 140 mm. The dry mass of the Bajaj Blade is expected to be 163 kg with a fuel tank capacity of 14.5 litres.
Bajaj Blade Engine

The all new Bajaj Blade is expected to come with a powerful engine of 125cc. The engine is expected to be equipped with 4 Speed transmissions and perform very nicely. The 4 stroke powerful engine is also expected to be bestowed with 4 valves DTS-I engine type. The powerful engine is expected to produce a power of 11.5 bhp. The mileage and acceleration of the new Bajaj Blade is very good. The engine is expected to be very fuel efficient and a great performer.
Bajaj Blade Wheels

The all new Bajaj Blade is expected to come with 12 inch alloy wheel which will enhance the look of the new scooter. The overall look of the scooter leaves an unmatched impression in the heart of the bike lovers. The front tyre of the Bajaj Blade is of 3.25x19” and the rear tyre specification is 3.50x19”. The broad wheels and tyres of the scooter offer greater control and handling of the scooter in the event of off roading and also helps in reducing the rate of skidding.
Suspension of Bajaj Blade

The all new upcoming Bajaj Blade is expected to be packed with very dynamic and sound suspension system. The front suspension system of Bajaj Blade is telescopic hydraulic absorbers and the rear suspension is of pivoted fork with absorbers. The advanced and latest suspension of Bajaj Blade enhances proper control and stability of the bike with reduced jerks in the uneven surfaces.
Handling & Control Bajaj Blade

The all new Bajaj Blade is expected to provide the rider with good handling features. The new bike is expected to offer safe ride for both the driver and the pillion. The Bajaj Blade is expected to be bestowed with advanced suspension system and dynamic braking system. The scooter will have front disc brake and drum brake at the rear wheel which will ensure deceleration in the speed of the scooter. The larger wheelbase of 1370mm of the Bajaj Blade also makes the ride very safe.

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KTM Duke 200 review

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Overview of KTM 200 Duke

KTM and Bajaj have launched their first bike ‘200 Duke’ in India at24th January, 2012. It will also be launched in Malaysia and Brazil very soon. Bajaj-KTM has priced 200 Duke very competitively at Rs. 1,17,500 (Ex-showroom New Delhi). The bike looks sporty, feels sporty, and don’t go by the 200cc engine, because this monster generate 25 Bhp of maximum power and around 19.2 Nm of maximum torque, which is much higher than the normal 200cc commuter bikes available in India, which deliver 15 to 18 Bhp of maximum power. It is also expected that Bajaj-KTM will also launch a 250cc or 300cc version of Duke in near future. This bike will be sold at the 34 Bajaj Pro-biking showrooms which were converted into exclusive KTM showroom recently. Bajaj will continue selling Kawasaki Ninjas alongside the Duke range but the Pulsar and other Bajaj bikes will not be available at these showrooms, they will be now available at all the authorised Bajaj outlets.
KTM Duke 200

Fast Facts about KTM 200 Duke

- Priced very competitively at Rs. 1,17,500 (Ex-showroom New Delhi)
- The booking amount for the KTM 200 Duke is Rs. 30,000 (now Rs. 20,000)
- Available through 34 Bajaj's pro-biking showrooms (now KTM’s exclusive showrooms)
- Powered by a 199.5cc petrol engine
- Maximum power is 25 bhp at 10000 rpm
- Maximum torque is around 19.2 nm at 8000 rpm
- Best-in-class power to weight ratio of 184 PS/ton
- Available in attractive orange shade with sporty graphics/decals
- Is first even naked/street bike in India in this segment

Design & Styling of KTM 200 Duke

KTM 200 Duke is an extraordinary bike which not only offers glamorous looks but it will also be a style icon on Indian roads. The looks of this bike are enhanced by cutting edge design feature. Robust and macho looks of this bike is very attractive. 200 Duke is specially made for tough individuals who carries macho attitude in them. Eye-catchy graphic and aerodynamic body if 200 Duke is very impressive and also very comfortable.

Front side of 200 Duke houses stylish head lamp placed marvellously in the front cowl which offer clear visibility during tricky conditions. Handle bar of 200 Duke is very stylish and comfortable to drive; this bike is also offered with stylish bumpy fuel tank which enhances the overall looks. Rear section of KTM 200 Duke is also very impressive which comprises of LED tail light which is well merged with turn indicators. KTM 200 Duke features huge alloy wheels which further enhances the looks of the bike and also offer great level of comfort to the rider.

200 Duke: Lightness rediscovered. Maximum riding fun, powerful propulsion and optimum user value thanks to thoroughbred motorcycle technology. Featherweight chassis with high-quality components and first-class brakes. And dynamic cornering fun guaranteed with the surprisingly full-bodied and lively power of the cultivated, new four-stroke single-cylinder with injection, six-speed transmission and low fuel consumption. Precisely what you'd expect from a genuine KTM.

Instrument Cluster of KTM 200 Duke

- All-digital intrument cluster

KTM 200 Duke features stylish and attractive all-digital instrument cluster which comprises of fuel gauge, speedometer, tachometer, turn indicators, trip meter etc. But like the Yamaha FZ range it gives feel of a toy bike, KTM should have designed analogue-digital combo with analogue tachometer.

Main Features of KTM 200 Duke

- Sharp front styling, High Performance Braking system
- Quick acceleration with large gear ration
- Quick throttle response with highly aspirated 199.5cc engine with dual exhaust mufflers
- High Suspension travel, Light Weight body structure
- Rigid body design to deal with high speeds and stresses
- Sporty shades and graphics

Technical highlights of KTM 200 Duke

- Best-in-class power to weight ratio of 184 PS/ton (Yamaha R15 - 130 and Honda CBR250R - 155)
- Maximum Power of 25 Bhp at 10000 rpm
- Maximum Torque of 19.2 Nm at 8000 rpm
- Engine Displacement of 199.5cc
- Front and Rear Disk Brakes
- Large ventilated brake disk at front with dual cylinder callipers
- Diamond shaped steel frame for rigid and strong structure
- Mono-shock suspension at rear
- Large-travel Telescopic suspension at the front
- Alloy wheels
- Sporty Graphics and body work
- Dual Muffler Exhaust
- High gear ratios for quick acceleration
- 6 Speed Manual Transmission
- Digital Ignition

Price & Booking of KTM 200 Duke

- KTM 200 Duke – Rs. 1,17,500 (Ex-showroom New Delhi)
- The booking amount for the KTM 200 Duke is Rs. 30,000 (now Rs. 20,000)
- Booking will be on a first come first serve basis

Bajaj-KTM has priced the 200 Duke very competitively at Rs. 1,17,500 (Ex-showroom New Delhi). At this price it will be a sure shot hit because 200 Duke is awesome in terms of looks and styling and is also very powerful 200cc bike. Yamaha R15 is a 150cc bike but is priced around Rs. 1.2 lakhs and selling very well because it is technically very sound, same is with KTM 200 Duke which features a liquid cooled 200cc engine which generates maximum power of 25 Bhp and also comes with front and rear disc brakes. The booking amount for the KTM 200 Duke is Rs. 30,000 (now Rs. 20,000).

Shades Available in KTM 200 Duke

- Black/Orange

KTM 200 Duke is available in Black+Orange combination. It is expected that it will also be available in White+Orange and Black+Green in near future

More About KTM

- KTM is Europe’s second largest motorcycle manufacturer and dominates the off-road segment across the world
- KTM debuts in India with its premium streetbike brand: the Duke
- The first offering from the KTM stable in India, the 200 Duke would be retailed through 34 dedicated KTM stores in India along with KTM’s famous range of Accessories and Merchandise called KTM PowerWear and KTM PowerParts.

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Porsche 911 Carrera

Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Porsche 911 became a representation almost the immediate it arrived nearly 50 years ago, so when it comes up for a redesign, relatively small steps have usually won the day. Bowing at the 2011 Frankfurt auto show, the seventh-generation 911 Carrera and Carrera S may look to follow that pattern at first blush, but there are some radical changes—albeit not as large as the shift from air- to water-cooled engines—underneath the largely familiar shape.

Porsche 911 Carrera

Iconic Details, Bigger Package

Indeed, as we’ve seen from a preponderance of spy shots, Porsche designers made sure the new 991 generation looks the part. Its iconic fender shapes, ovoid headlamps, and fast tail remain, but it looks fresher and sleeker. The nose has a more aggressive lower fascia, although the LED running lights are still located directly atop the intakes. The headlamps gain more complex innards, and the side mirrors move from the A-pillar to the door. Around back, the taillight elements are squinted and smaller, the chunky blocks around the license plate have fallen off, and the quad exhaust finishers are replaced with a more understated duo of outlets.

Sitting lower overall, the stretched wheelbase (by 3.9 inches) gives the car a lower stance, an impression furthered by the wider front track. Porsche is withholding full specifications, but we’re told the overall length is only slightly up from the 997 generation. The new body makes more use of aluminum and Porsche says it’s 100 pounds lighter. It retains the same 0.29 Cd, and now is said to have virtually no front or rear lift, thanks in part to a wider, variably extending rear spoiler.

The new cabin reflects the Porsche Carrera GT–like design that’s marked new Porsches since the Panamera, with a sloped center tunnel placing the shifter closer to the steering wheel. The execution is simpler than in the Panamera or Cayenne, though, with fewer buttons. The traditional five-pod instrument cluster keeps a large tachometer in the center, while a useful multifunction color display finds a home to the right of that. The 2+2 seating layout remains, but don’t expect those tiny back seats to offer much more room even with the extra space between the wheels.


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Premier Rio 2012 Review

Sunday, 18 March 2012

If there was a space vacant in the Indian automotive sphere, here is a vehicle that will fit it like a glove. Adil Jal Darukhanawala grabs a first drive of the new mini-SUV from Premier Automobiles on its comeback trail
Premier Rio 2012
Yes that's right, Rio is the name of the new mini-SUV which many car makers plain dumb ignored and it is here that an old venerable name from the motor manufacturing business hopes to reinvent itself. Let's avoid the riddles and cut straight to the chase which in this case is of Premier Limited announcing its advent back as a speciality car maker in India.

Better known eons ago for its Premier Padminis and Fiat Unos plus the eminently forgettable Peugeot 304 which pulled the company down (or was it the other way around! - the jury is out on this count), Premier under the stewardship of Maitreya Doshi, grandson of Walchand Hirachand, has embarked on a whole new way to get back into a segment of industry which his family helped pioneer in this country.

First the method behind the madness and here it seems that Maitreya Doshi after the highly publicized spat with long time partner Fiat used all his business acumen to monetize his real estate holdings in Mumbai and then re-invest this into his firm's machine tool division at Chinchwad in Pune. This purely engineering-driven arm of the company began to specialize in cutting edge applications for heavy industry and has made not just a name for itself in its sphere of operation but has also managed to make the firm financially very sound. Apart from being shielded from the economical turmoil, the new business orientation also taught Premier to make do with less and this mantra has been put into place for a very lean automobile manufacturing unit at Chinchwad.

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2012 Toyota Camry Review

Thursday, 15 March 2012

The 2012 Toyota Camry rankings 11 out of 19 Cost-effective Midsize Vehicles. This position is based on our research of 14 released opinions and analyze pushes of the Toyota Camry, and our research of stability and protection information.

2012 Toyota Camry
Auto testers think Toyota created the best-selling Camry even better with a upgrade for 2012 thanks to its fantastic gas usage, enhanced performance and high-quality internal.

Test individuals like the remodeled 2012 Toyota Camry for its ample internal, best-in-class non-hybrid, non-diesel gas usage, relaxed journey and sleek applications. With the changes for 2012, most testers anticipate the Camry to sustain its location as one of the best-selling cars in the category.

The vehicle media says the 2012 Camry gives customers a fantastic mix of relaxation, website power, internal space and technological innovation. They are grateful Toyota created upgrades where necessary and eventually left other places that do not need remodelling the same. Powerplant Pattern says, "Besides being a best-seller, it has probably been the best car in its category for 20 decades, so upgrades are often small, not incredible, like those of the '08 Toyota Malibu, '10 Honda Combination, '11 Cars Sonata, and possibly the '12 VW Passat."

The main gripe testers have with the 2012 Toyota Camry is its remodeled external. Although they think it looks better than this year's design, they still observe that the Camry has a traditional, plain look. While some say they wish Toyota would make the Camry a little more edgy, they understand that strong design might restrict the Camry’s mass-market charm.

If you are purchasing for a ample, able, fuel-efficient midsize automobile, automatic testers say the 2012 Camry is definitely worth a try.
Other Vehicles to Consider

With the exemption of multiple and diesel fuel cars, the 2012 Toyota Camry has the best gas usage in the category. If fantastic gas usage is especially important to you, the Toyota Camry Hybrid is the best place because its gas usage rankings are better than the gas-only Camry, but it also expenditures thousands of dollars more. The Camry Hybrid also maintains all the functions testers like about the gas-only Camry, such as its performance and internal functions.

If you like the functionality of the Camry but are looking for a automobile with more “look at me” design, check out the 2012 Cars Sonata. Along with its head-turning body-work, the Sonata also provides many of the same functions as the Camry. These involve a ample internal, a fuel-efficient platform website and a aggressive list of conventional technical functions like Wireless and USB iPod incorporation. Reviewers think the Sonata is one of the best-looking midsize cars in the marketplace.

Since 1997, the Toyota Camry has been the best promoting car in The united states every season but one (2001). Last season, People in the united states purchased 327,804 of them. Furthermore, the Camry groundwork assists as the groundwork for the following Toyota and Lincoln models: Avalon, Highlander, Sienna, Venza, ES350, RX350, and RX450h. Jointly, they included up to 738,415 sales in 2010—42 percent of To­yota’s United states complete. In other terms, the Camry is the business.

Toyota has repaired this car like clockwork every five decades, and the Camry has obtained an valued location as the conventional popular automobile of choice—quiet, sleek, relaxed, efficient, and reasonably cost. This new, seventh-generation, 2012 design is developed to sustain these benefits while providing more petrol performance and value.

Though Camry primary professional Yukihiro Okane does not say it, Toyotawas perhaps shy by dropping out in mpg rankings to rivals, particularly the Honda Combination multiple and the Cars Sonata. Okane guarantees that this new model—with every engine—will at least tie for authority in fuel-economy results.

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Hyundai i30 Review

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Designed in Germany and noticeably European-inspired, i30 capitalises on an honor-winning pedigree to deliver fashionable styling, intelligent technology and innovative interior refinement in a dynamic package.

Hyundai i30 review

The i-30 and Cee'd both ride remarkably well, given that they also handle – a very tricky balance to strike. It may lack that certain Germanic something that makes cars like the VW Golf feel so cosseting, but it’s really not that far off.


The Hyundai i-30’s small petrol engines don’t do much for it in the performance stakes. In fact the only option that can muster halfway respectable figures is the larger of the two diesels.


It’s a bit of a leap of faith, but the i-30 is quite cool right now, turning heads and sparking debate as it passes. Who knows if that’ll last, but at the very least it’s got people talking.


Nothing to worry about here – Hyundai have been building decent, reliable cars for a while and besides, there’s a monster warranty as back-up if anything does go wrong.


While the i-30 may not handle quite like the BMW 1-Series it’s so clearly trying to resemble, there’s still a composed and entertaining chassis to exploit, supported by direct and informative steering.


As family hatchbacks go, the i-30 ticks the required boxes. It’s got five-doors and a boot, is relatively spacious in the back and has folding rear seats. No strokes of genius, but none required.

Running costs

Expect the hyundai i-30 to hold its value fairly well. Couple that with its relatively cheap initial purchase price and you’re on to a winner. Hyundai also offers a five year warranty with this, so you’ve nothing to worry about should something go pop.

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New Mahindra Xylo 2012 Launched

Thursday, 8 March 2012

It's all gloss and devices for the new Mahindra Xylo, but what now sets it totally separately from its opposition is the opening of a unique Voice Command Technology that can operate your headlights, wipers, door locks and more with simple voice commands. Priced between Rs 7.37 lakh and Rs 10.25 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), the new Xylo has just turned into a plusher and more practical people's proposition

xylo 2012
It’s been parading our city roads and inter-city/state highways for some time now, and for regular long distance commuters with large families or official groups, no Indian MUV has seen more tick marks than the Mahindra Xylo as the vehicle of choice. Three years into its Indian journey, the best selling people’s mover from Mahindra has just been reborn with a more handsome stance and more importantly as a more desirable modern-day multi utility vehicle.

Exterior changes on the face-lifted model are apparent right up front with a spirited new front grille, the nicely curved bonnet and the newly styled headlights, which add instant flair to the new MUV’s forward stance. A closer look reveals sporty air dams, refreshing body decals, a lot more pronounced wheel arches and chrome-tipped body moulding - all tasteful cosmetic touches to a new generation model that will now look prettier when it hits the streets and gets down to doing its business of moving people around in comfort.

Panache would be an over the top term to describe the interiors of this revamped people mover, but certain style and utility elements are definitely worth mentioning. ‘New and style’ are almost complimentary to one another in the advent of new car launches. However, on the new Xylo where comfortable long distance commutes are in sync with the MUV’s distinct character, the integration of genuine leather upholstery, a 2-DIN music system, a two-tone dash, new door trims and a noticeable glossy, wood-finished console now add some further sheen to its interior feel and ambience.

Engine, Specifications & Performance:-

The new Mahindra Xylo specifications comprise of a 2498 cc 4-cylinder, turbocharged mEagle CRDe (Common Rail Diesel Engine) engine which delivers an impressive power of 112 bhp at 3800 rpm along with generating peak torque of 260 Nm at 1800-2200 rpm. The engine is mated with 5-speed manual transmission. The top end variant E9, however gets mHawk 2.2-litre engine that generates 120 PS of max power and 280 Nm of max torque.

The 2.5L crossover accelerates from 0 to 100 kmph in just 15.9 seconds with a top speed of 158.6 kmph whereas the 2.2 litre engine equipped Xylo sprints from 0-100 kmph in 14.8 seconds with a top speed of 156 kmph.


The magnificent Mahindra Xylo 2012 now gets more appealing look with redesigned front grill having elegantly placed company’s logo in the center top position. The Mahindra MPV has got Spirited New Front Grill, Contoured New Bumpers, Revamped Headlamps, Pronounce Wheel Arches, Smoky Body Decals, Sporty Rear Spoiler, Body Coloured ORVMs and a completely new bonnet. The overall outfit is given a refreshing and premium touch.


The new Mahindra Xylo review reveals that it has got more opulent cabin compared to its predecessor this time along with superior fit and finish. Dashing door trim, wooden panels at the bottom of the central console, overall two tone lighter shade interiors along with new gear knob and drivetrain options enhance the pleasure of riding the massive MPV. Genuine Italian leather seats and glossy wooden interior panels in the top variant accentuate the Xylo cabin.

Comfort and Convenience:-

Mesmerizing Mahindra Xylo 2012 is endowed with an array of features including Foldable Flight Trays, Dual Air Conditioners, Power Windows, Mobile Charging Points, Courtesy Lamps, Express Power Windows, Integrated Footstep, Roof Console for Spectacle and Foldable rear seat. Other features include MP3 CD player, Leather Seats (top variant), Dual Zone AC(top variant), Flatbed seats, Individual AC vents, Ergonomically Designed Seats, Audio Controls mounted on Steering, Three Position Lumbar Support, Cruise Control, Rear Center Armrest with Cup Holders, Digital Drive Assist System, Rear Spoiler, Blue Drive Technology, Rain Sensing Wiper, etc.


Buying Mahindra vehicles is always a safe bet with the strong muscular build up and good number of protective gadgets for passenger safety. These comprise of Dual SRS Airbags, ABS with EBD, Front and Rear Fog Lamps, Intellipark Reverse Assist, Tubeless Tyres, Engine Immobilizer, Warning System, Rear Defogger, etc.


The Mahindra MPV delivers overall mileage of 11-14 kmpl on Indian roads.


The marvelous Mahindra Xylo 2012 is tagged in the price bracket of Rs 7.37 lakh – Rs 10.25 lakh (Ex-showroom New Delhi).


Inspite of the facelift, looks still seem down-market.

‘Utility’ is the Xylo’s middle name and for this reason, Mahindra has made it a point to add some needy functional gear to the interior of this MUV, like individual AC vents for rear passengers, foldable snack trays for easy consumption of meals over long commutes, handy laptop and mobile charging points and some well thought out storage spaces will make life within the four walls of the car a lot less cluttered.

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